What is the most beautiful country? Otranto behind, Gallipoli out of the podium

Salento is one of Italy’s favorite destinations in the summer, now this is well-known. In the last few days we talked about the most beautiful beach in Salento. He had won Porto Cesareo’s beach, with 29% of preferences, then Gallipoli second with 25% and third had come to San Foca with 17% of votes. Other beaches of the survey were Otranto 15%, Castro 8% and Santa Maria di Leuca 4%. All the other Salento beaches rocked together about 2%, with Bear Tower which was among the alternative preferences to response options.

The survey of ‘Amolecce’

This time, the facebook page Amolecce put the question to its readers for excellence: “Which is the most beautiful city in Salento?” Even this time, the survey was a real success with more than 1,000 responses.

The response options were 6: Nardò, Galatina, Otranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, #Lecce. The results were very surprising because classical sea cities (Otranto, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca) were classified not to the very first places… (Read More)

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