History and myths

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The intent is to make a contribution in discovering or rediscovering the roots of this extraordinary land, with the firm conviction that we can not understand the importance of what we take for granted today if we do not possess historical consciousness. Without any claim we will try to bring to light myths, characters, facts and legends of our land ended up in the collective oblivion

edited by Anna Maria Caputo


“It is essential that every example does not go unnoticed: history is not only made of great characters but also of little heroes who have not hesitated to sacrifice their own life for an ideal and for the collective good. of every area united by having believed in a better tomorrow and, today, we certainly owe something to it “(It is, for logistical reasons, of brief hints to the life of the characters)


“We go through the history of craftsmanship, the father of crafts and today’s industry, extrapolating significant moments, memories and characters. Every piece of furniture used today was worked manually not so long ago, it is Art, a symbol of growth and must not be betrayed. from the modern times when everything escapes and appears ephemeral “


The historic center of Lecce is dotted with numerous papier-mâché shops where seniors and, surprisingly, various young artisans give life to precious objects with unequaled mastery. Entering you immediately breathe the air of an ancient tradition, our gaze is captured by the infinite static or dynamic subjects but, still, expressive and full of emotional suggestion.