Through the legends of Grecia Salentina

La Grecìa Salentina: already its name evokes something that pushes you to immerse yourself in this slice of territory to discover its evocative landscapes and relive the legends that hide in the countries that are part of it. Although the days you have at your disposal are relatively few, offers you a journey through the legends of the Grecìa Salentina (or at least a part). Let’s start from Calimera (about 15 km from Lecce). In the church of St. Vito is Nemanthol (“a hole surrounded by stone”, unique in continental Europe.) It is said that, from the earliest times, this is a “passage” coveted by many for what would be able In fact, women would bring motherhood (or fertility in procreation), while men who manage to overcome it would become more “virile” (the Nemanthol would in fact increase the virile power) .Therefore there would be nothing wrong to check the legend on the spot: after all, what would there be to lose? At most we would be able to earn … From Calmiera we move to Martano: just outside the town (on the road to Martignano) is the Specchia dei Mori (also known as the devil’s mirror) Precisely at this point, as the legend says, the gods forced the Moors to dwell in the bowels of the Earth for daring to challenge them.Therefore, once in place, do not mind if you feel observed : perhaps it is the Moors who guard their territory that you are profaning … But, after all, it is only a legend … no? Let’s go further, which is better. Let’s go now to Sternatìa, where there is a “door” called Porta “Filìa” (or “friendship”) from which you enter the historic center and so far nothing strange, you say. But do you want to know what hides this place in popular belief? Well, it is said that from this “door” the spouses enter and the dead come out: a bit ‘of discomfort in overcoming it you will try, do not you? From Sternatìa we reach Soleto, also known as the “village of witches”. But why this appellation? You must know that in this place you can admire an imposing Guglia (almost 40 m high) that, it is said, was raised in one night by the witches and four devils evoked by the Tafuri, famous at the time (1492/1584) for his wisdom and his magical arts … Very charming this small “portion” of Grecìa Salentina, what do you think? So come and visit us: the legend awaits you.