Art, tradition and shopping

Do you have two days of vacation and the desire to spend them with us? Well, offers you a journey that can intrigue and excite even the most cynical and lazy of tourists. We know, the season is not exactly the best, but why not take a walk in Piazza S. Oronzo in Lecce? Weather permitting, you can admire the Roman Amphitheater with those staircases that have hosted about 20 thousand spectators of the time; and then visit the Church of St. Mark, that of Santa Maria delle Grazie and, by-running some streets of the surroundings, meet in front of the basilica of Santa Croce: the milestone of the Lecce Baroque! But, you say, we are tired of art, of history … and with shopping? How are you put? A visit to Via Trinchese (which connects Piazza S. Oronzo to Piazza Mazzini, also the latter very appealing for the square with beautiful fountains on which you can walk freely) undoubtedly offers many ideas on how and where to spend the money well at your disposition … And then, still a dip in history? suggests a small “move” from Lecce to Casalabate. Here, in the surroundings, and precisely in the abbey of Santa Maria di Cerra-te, you can visit the characteristic Museum of Salento’s Popular Traditions which, we are curious, is an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to know more deeply the “Roots” of our Salento.