A vacation for … couples

Comfortable and full of emotions this Salento is for those who travel “as a couple” as you: your hearts swirling in beautiful natural scenery or discovering the corners of peace to spend romantic moments that will be difficult to erase from memory.
And these places are here, with their millenary history, with their countless timeless beauties that give to those who look at the sensation of crossing the threshold of an extraordinary and unreal world that will capture your souls to shake them deep.
So SalentoVirtuale.com proposes you some “méte” to reach in every season, except for some particular event that takes place on very precise dates.
This is the case of Fòcara di Novoli (January 16th to 18th): a majestic bonfire of about 25 meters, which you think it takes three days to run out! So you will have all the time to stand in front of it, perhaps tenderly embraced, warming up with its heat to shake off the ‘cold’ of everyday life. As fire shrinks in the ash those pinnacles of vines, so for a moment you can imagine your problems ‘dissipating’ in a cloud of smoke.
Sure, the next day you will meet them there, but do you really want to give up that “purifying” feeling that a huge bonfire can give you? At another time of the year, then more precisely in the first weekend of September there would be another ‘appointment’ not to be underestimated and it is the Feast of Lucie of Carpignano Salentino. You will be able to ‘savor’ together with the excellent wine and dancing carefree on the notes of the pie: if you do not know the footsteps, you will always be left infected by the general euphoria and … away to dances! Already the wine begins to ‘boil’ in your veins and will trigger you in an overwhelming pace that will not leave room for bad thoughts. You will feel like you are flying freely in an infinite space and, looking into your eyes, you will even forget the ‘crowd’ around you. You will ride together and spend an unforgettable evening that the next morning, maybe, you will find yourself more united than ever … But SalentoVirtuale.com has thought for you also ‘other’ goals.
For example, have you ever heard of “Nemanthol”? It is a “stone-encircled hole” located in the Church of S. Vito in Calimera, some also called “sacred hole of love”.
In fact, an ancient belief in the place says that this gives the gift of fecundity to anyone crossing it: so women would carry maternity and men would see their virile power increased.
You’re a couple, right? You do not want to find out if legend has its foundation, or you want to hide behind the usual “Is not it true but I believe it”?
In short, you choose … Let us now move to another ‘Salento’ area, located on the Adriatic coast: Castro.
This mete is especially appropriate if your vacation falls late in the spring or summer. In fact, here is a stop at the Zinzulusa Grotto: hand in hand along the ‘corridor of wonders’ and do not let yourself be impressed if some bats are there, in perlustration, maybe flying on your heads! More reason to keep close to each other …
From Castro we move to Tricase for a walk to the suggestive “Boschetto delle Vallonee” on the road to Tricase Porto (mete, this can be reached in any season). Among the many oaks present you will be attracted by one in particular: the Oak of the 100 Knights, immensely in its proportions. Think about it, it has a half trunk and its ‘hairpin’ covers an area of ​​at least 500 sqm!
What a wonder it is to relax in its shadow and let it lick the “scents” that it emits in such a suggestive atmosphere that it seems unreal: to live a similar moment together will incarnate your hearts to a robust and perennial love, just like this oak … The ‘ of SalentoVirtuale.com closes here, but it is not said that if you come to visit us, you will not find yourself alone in other corners of Paradise that is rich in this wonderful Salento peninsula.

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