A holiday for …


Places to visit, places to enjoy and lots of scents and smells, even in the smallest villages. Salento has so much to give and does not look in the face whenever anyone chooses to give emotions. No matter your age. Whether you are a man or a woman, child or elder. Does not matter. Come see with your eyes … Choose Salento for YOU!

Una vacanza per  Una vacanza per

TYPICAL SALENT: A typical Salentino route! Masserie, olive trees and tambourines; Enogastronomic routes dedicated to the beauty of the historic centers of our fantastic Salento!

MOVIDA SALENTO: The famous Movida Salentina! All the most famous discos, clubs and lids of the heel. A path dedicated to beautiful youth!

HISTORICAL-CULTURAL: Salento is also a story. Baroque churches, holes and ruins. Everything absolutely to see!