A holiday for … Comedy “ALL GREEN”

“All green” like the dreams and ambitions to cultivate in a lifetime, but now based in an atmosphere of sprightliness and fun to enjoy in environments, which are unique and full of vital energy.
That’s why SalentoVirtuale.com has also has thought of you, young carefree people, who want to taste the vitality of every moment without however being blind to the discovery of the ‘new’ and everlasting things that our territory offers in abundance.
In January, for example, have you ever heard of the Fòcara di Novoli? It’s a gigantic 25 metres high bonfire that burns for three whole days! In front of the heat of its flames you can spin on the rhythm of the “pìzzaca”, a sound teasing the souls of even the laziest people. Then, at Carnival, you could go to Gallipoli and ‘mask you’ on the occasion of the decade-long Floats’ Parade. Without making yourself known, you can plunge in the ‘crowd’ and play a lot of pranks on your friends. …
And maybe you could take part in the numerous fairs and festivals which take place Salento and mark, with their flavours and typical products, the time that uninterruptedly runs away.

For example, in the second decade of July, you can go to Parabita to enjoy the delicacies offered by the Potato Festival. Or, if you want a ‘pinch’ of history, you can watch the suggestive Cavalcata occurring in Nardò between 11 and 12 August, during the Incoronata Fair.
In the first decade of September you can taste the classic loaf with the ricotta forte in the festival taking place in Sannicola. Or more, in the first weekend of the same month, you could move to Carpignano Salentino to take part in the renowned Festa te lu mieru (wine festival): you can delight your palate with excellent wine while the notes of ‘pìzzaca’ will inebriate your evening by dragging you in a folkloristic climate so overwhelming that … you will not be able to stand still! If your vacation occurs in summer, Salento is really an ‘enjoyment’: from Otranto to Leuca, Porto Cesareo and so on, there are lovely beaches that embrace such a clear sea that makes you want to plunge there even in the evening.
Very appreciated, in fact, is the “midnight bathe”, especially on St. Lorenzo’s night, when myriads of falling stars flood the sky catching and fulfilling your desires …
Finally, Salento offers a wealth of space for those who love “nightlife”: there are numerous pubs, nightclubs and anything can satisfy your enthusiasm and the energy that makes you enjoy every single moment of your life at most.

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